Beyond The Teeth

Watch the documentary that follows Dr. Kent as he changes lives by giving back to those in need.


“Beyond The Teeth” is a compelling documentary series that delves into the transformative journeys of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds as they receive life-changing dental care from Dr. Kent. Each episode explores different struggles such as homelessness, domestic violence, and severe hardship, uncovering the profound impact of dental health on personal and social well-being.

The Series:

Episode 1: Homelessness – Explore the hidden stories behind the faces of homelessness, revealing deeper issues like mental health and societal neglect.
Episode 2: Domestic Violence – This episode sheds light on survivors of domestic violence, illustrating how reconstructive dental work can restore not only smiles but also confidence and hope.
Episode 3: Hardship – Dive into the lives of those dealt a tough hand by fate, from health crises to economic despair, and witness their incredible transformations through Dr. Kent’s intervention.


Through Dr. Kent’s dedication, “Beyond The Teeth” showcases the power of compassion and professional care in restoring dignity and sparking positive change in the lives of individuals. The documentary not only highlights the physical and emotional renewal through dental makeovers but also emphasizes the broader societal implications of accessibility to healthcare.

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Witness these heartwarming transformations and be part of the movement to spread awareness and support further initiatives by Dr. Kent and his team. Every smile restored is a life uplifted.

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