The Smile Movement

5% of all profits from Veneers + goes to our charity, The Smile Movement!

The Smile Movement: Giving Back To Those In Need

The Tuttle Shuttle is a nonprofit organization that brings people together to provide dentistry to those who have suffered unique hardships. We believe that all communities should have access to elite cosmetic dental treatments. It is our dream to empower individuals through smile makeovers. A beautiful smile brings more confidence to those who have been through extreme hardships. We bring a positive change to these individuals and believe these changes give them the confidence to be a positive change in the community and in their own lives.

Being a part of someone’s transformation & making someone else’s dreams a reality is something incalculable.

Who We Are

Tuttle Shuttle was founded by Dr. Kent Tuttle, and his expert team. Dr. Tuttle has experienced first-hand the magnitude of the dental needs of the less fortunate over the many years of volunteering his services to the less fortunate.

The team behind Tuttle Shuttle is comprised of some of the most skilled, well-qualified, and experienced professionals in the dental field. We take pride in our team and their passion for helping every patient maintain a lifetime of healthy, glowing smiles.

Tuttle Shuttle is proud to offer top-notch cosmetic and mobile dentistry to patients and underserved communities. We’re here to create a smile movement that will inspire dentists across the world to give healthy beautiful smiles to those in need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find those who are most in need and surprise them with a smile makeover. We will transform lives by transforming smiles using revolutionary cosmetic and anesthesia skills.

Where We Are Going

In 2023 we plan to have 30 member doctors join our movement, donating 2 smiles each for a total of 60 lives transformed. Our end goal is to create a movement that will inspire people all around the world to give the life-changing gift of a smile makeover.

Our Story

The end goal is to create a global movement that will inspire dentists across the world to give healthy beautiful smiles to those in need

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